Fighting scene, Donnie Yen vs Darren Shahlavi/Ip Man vs Twister MP3 VIDEO DOWNLOAD

  • Published on Sep 10, 2017

  • Fighting scene, Donnie Yen vs Darren Shahlavi/Ip Man vs Twister from the film "Yip Man 2" (2010) Information about the film: ⚡ IMDB ⫸ Other scenes with Darren Shahlavi: ⚡ Playlist ⫸ Other scenes with Donnie Yen: ⚡ Playlist ⫸ 💖 Subscribe to the channel: ⫸ 🚩 YouTube Channel ⫸ 🚩 VK Group ⫸ 🚩 Facebook page ⫸ 🚩 Google+ page ⫸ 💎 To purchase a film ⫸ 🎧 Music: The Immortals - Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat) ⫸
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  • raksh9
    raksh9 8 months ago

    'You can't kick or you'll be disqualified'

  • ryan hubbard
    ryan hubbard 5 months ago

    When the English to English translations are wrong

  • n Lin
    n Lin 6 months ago (edited)

    I live in the hometown city of ip man, Foshan,where the story in the film took place.Ip man is very famous and hero in my city even though his story happen nearly 100 years

  • The Naz
    The Naz 2 months ago

    2x speed.Well,thats some anime shit right there

  • War Dog
    War Dog 6 months ago

    Muy buen español...

  • john smith
    john smith 9 months ago

    the most frustrating moment ever - they ban kicks rather than the English dude being disqualified for the hit after the bell...

  • Sam Rodriguez
    Sam Rodriguez 6 months ago


  • Parvis Hoja H.
    Parvis Hoja H. 5 months ago

    RIP Darren Shahlavi. Rest in peace

  • Josh Buena Agua
    Josh Buena Agua 5 months ago

    I thought the referee is johnny sins😂😂😂

  • Zach xXRazzXx
    Zach xXRazzXx 6 months ago

    If u dont want to see anymore of ip man getting beaten up then go to

  • ASAP.69
    ASAP.69 9 months ago (edited)

    Seeing ip man just beat the shit outta him at the end was the most satisfying thing I’ve ever seen in a movie

  • Arjun singh Ranbir singh

    That day the poor twister found out that there's always an Asian better than you. 😂

  • 유튭접음
    유튭접음 5 months ago

    This is why IP man is my favorite movie

  • Razukhru Therie
    Razukhru Therie 6 months ago

    Sifu teach me Kung Fu 🙏

  • Golo1949
    Golo1949 5 months ago

    Ip Man died 2nd Dec 1972, his grave is in Fanling not far from where our NT house is, I have been twice, its a bit difficult to find but there are directions on the web.

  • Ra Tehuti
    Ra Tehuti 5 months ago

    Nothing like people taking pride in their culture and standing up to western oppression!

  • Dylan Barfield
    Dylan Barfield 6 months ago (edited)

    i prefer martial arts over boxing and i prefer ip man!

  • Sacha Ullymce
    Sacha Ullymce 6 months ago

    we can’t imagine if the twister..with his bone 🦴& muscle 💪🏻 .. learned Chi ...

  • Markus Martin
    Markus Martin 2 months ago

    kung fu kote cheap tricks

  • ShinyshadoW
    ShinyshadoW 7 months ago

    Me after watching Ip Man movies : I gotta learn wing chun after this