Filipino Fans Made Celine Dion Cry + Can't Help Falling In Love (Encore) [Manila Concert] MP3 VIDEO DOWNLOAD

  • Published on Jul 19, 2018

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  • Filipino Fans Made Celine Dion Cry + Can't Help Falling In Love (Encore) [Manila Concert] tags


  • ECLA
    ECLA 10 months ago


  • JoeDashEn 21
    JoeDashEn 21 10 months ago

    I was there! And hot damn! Mama is still on fire. She might get old but her voice is still gold. I did cry actually 😂

  • Split Rock Coffee
    Split Rock Coffee 10 months ago

    No one can ever compare to Celine Dion. Her voice didn't change a little bit. She's a LEGEND!

  • Jhun Ryan Arnoco
    Jhun Ryan Arnoco 10 months ago

    Celine Dion truly a legendary iconic female singer her humbleness and magical voice give me goosebumps😍😍

  • TheReason
    TheReason 10 months ago (edited)

    To everyone please don't blame MOA Arena, the production or even the incharge personnels of the show, She started with this microphone from the very start of the tour.. She prefers this wired microphone than the wireless one, she's actually doing shows in Vegas using this wired microphone.. Again, It's her CHOICE .. The important is, she's there

  • MyOpinionsOnly
    MyOpinionsOnly 10 months ago

    I was there, and it's really worth it! The money and time we've spent just to get there was worth it. Also, the whole production was organized by Celine's team and not MOA Arena. Even the screens on both sides of the stage are all planned. You can compare her concerts to other countries for this tour and it's the same setup.

  • wenceslao roy
    wenceslao roy 10 months ago

    Naiyak sya dahil marami parin nagmamahal sa kanya..cguro naisip nya sana nong bata pa sya sana pumunta na sya dito sa pinas..

    WVMUSIC 10 months ago

    which camera did you use? it has an amazing zoom and the sound is also great!

  • Ana Villa
    Ana Villa 10 months ago

    Filipinos are the best audience you Celine❤️

  • gab
    gab 10 months ago

    A legend that does not lip sync. Thank you, Celine.

  • Split Rock Coffee
    Split Rock Coffee 9 months ago

    Filipinos are one the my favorite race, they are so accommodating and kind. To you Celine I don:t think you even get old. Your voice are so powerful just like before and the emotion on every lyrics you utter are always their. Kudos

  • Wahn Yoon
    Wahn Yoon 10 months ago

    Wow not only an astounding voice but she has a magical relationship with her audience. Especially one as appreciative as her Filipino audience.

  • Dizney Cabachete
    Dizney Cabachete 10 months ago

    Celine Dion is the only singer that is only a truly Queen with her amazing talent and nice attitude. I've never heard any issue related to her in regards of bad diva attitude. We love you Celina ❤

  • Cj'ss Santos
    Cj'ss Santos 10 months ago

    Wow filipinos knows when to clap and when to stop

  • Bernadeth Diwa
    Bernadeth Diwa 10 months ago

    First note. Goosebumps. Woohhhh!

  • B P forever
    B P forever 10 months ago

    She's still slayed the world

  • Dead Pooled
    Dead Pooled 10 months ago

    Filipinos are the best audience in the world!

  • John Osam
    John Osam 10 months ago

    Wow parang ngaun lang ako ulit ako naka kita ng wire microphone sa mga ganitong stage.

  • Rane Gulay
    Rane Gulay 10 months ago (edited)

    She is one of the greatest singer of all time!!!

  • Leonardo Naguit
    Leonardo Naguit 10 months ago (edited)

    Greatest female performer of all time