200 Russians Were Killed by US Airstrikes in Syria. Details, Recorded Radio Communications. MP3 VIDEO DOWNLOAD

  • Published on Feb 17, 2018

  • [UPDATE]: The bridge was destroyed not on January 9, but on February 6, i.e. just 1 day before the attack. Over 200 Russian military contractors were killed by US airstrikes in Syria on February 7, 2018. The contractors were members of the so-called Wagner Group private military company (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wagner_...). Russian law officially bans mercenary service and private military companies, so in really the Wagner Group is just a unit of the Russian Ministry of Defence in disguise. Many of the Wagner contractors gained military experience in eastern Ukraine before departing to Syria. Khusham is an oil-rich area in Deir el-Zour province in north eastern Syria, which has been the major source of revenue for ISIS in 2014-2017. In September 2017, the area was liberated by U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Although Assad is now controlling about 50% of the territory of Syria together with his allies Russia and Iran, he still needs resources to cover his expenses on war and to keep his regime alive. By some information, Assad proposed a deal to Putin – to keep 25% of all oil resources that Putin helps Assad to return back under his control. US, which wants to remove the tyrant Assad from power in Syria, obviously opposes that. Russian attack on SDF started at 10 pm on February 7, 2018. Initially, only one battalion tactical group participated in the attack, which included more than 10 tanks and 30 other armored vehicles. US forces responded to this attack with devastating strikes using high-precision weapons, probably including HIMARS rocket systems. The latter rocket systems destroyed Russian cover artillery batteries, while drones were used to help to guide fire. After Russian artillery and Russian-Syrian offensive operational groups were destroyed, subsequent strikes destroyed rearguard units, which basically eliminated the second battalion tactical group. Simultaneously with artillery strikes, electronic warfare system was operating, which completely suppressed radio communication with the offensive groups. The air space was most probably controlled by two pairs of F-22 Raptors, which monitored possible appearance of Russian aviation in this region. In 2 hours, 80% of all Russian and Assad forces were destroyed. Then, elimination of the remaining small groups began. Using Lockheed AC-130 and two pairs of attack helicopters covered by F-22’s, Americans wiped out the area from the remaining groups of enemy. The total losses of Russia and Assad constituted up to 90% of all military vehicles and 70-80% of manpower. Americans didn’t have any losses. The total duration of the operation was about 6 hours. Read more: 1) https://www.cnn.com/2018/02/18/middle... 2) http://www.newsweek.com/us-military-k... 3) https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j... 4) https://www.cnbc.com/2018/02/13/dozen... Link to the article in Washington Post: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j... Link to the Wargonzo channel which posted radio communication of Wagner contractors: https://t.me/wargonzo Russian mercenaries filed a lawsuit to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague against owners of illegal private armies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8th3H...
  • 200 Russians Were Killed by US Airstrikes in Syria. Details, Recorded Radio Communications. tags


  • Marcel N
    Marcel N 1 year ago

    I guess Putin's little green men thought it would be easy taking on the Americans. They need to stop believing their own propaganda.

  • TheCaptainLulz
    TheCaptainLulz 6 months ago

    That Russian on the phone was the most frank man Ive ever listened to. He didnt sugar coat shit.

  • Unchecked Gaming
    Unchecked Gaming 1 week ago

    Russia: We have mercenaries

  • hurricane watcher
    hurricane watcher 3 months ago

    It appears the Russians poked a real bear

  • Sergey Nemirovsky
    Sergey Nemirovsky 11 months ago

    217 so called volunteers got killed. Plus about 152 wounded

  • John Jason
    John Jason 8 months ago

    Putin sent those men to their assured deaths. Just to test America response in the neutral zone.

  • xXMapleVodkaXx
    xXMapleVodkaXx 2 weeks ago

    Since 1945 the US and Russia have just been waiting to go at it. Generations of troops were trained to murder the other without question. 2018, Americans finally fight Russians, but the situation is so convoluted and we're just so used to war that most probably don't even know about this. If this had happened thirty years ago Tom Clancy would've written a whole new series on it.

  • Frosty WoW
    Frosty WoW 11 months ago

    That awkward moment when Ruskis were talking all big and bad, then got rekt within mins.

  • Craig Street
    Craig Street 10 months ago

    Life is cheap to the Russians. As Stalin said.... "1 death is a tragedy... A million deaths is a statistic"...

  • Patrick Cassidy
    Patrick Cassidy 1 year ago

    Remember, no russian.

  • Dalton Morgan
    Dalton Morgan 11 months ago

    My favorite part is how they raised the American flag right before pounding them with artillery, and chopping them to pieces with helicopters

  • ReverenXero
    ReverenXero 7 months ago


  • Isaak
    Isaak 1 week ago

    I can’t believe those dudes actually had enough balls to attack a US base... I would have went AWOL

  • Patrick Ogrady
    Patrick Ogrady 5 months ago

    Where all them Russian American haters at now?

  • Oliver Mayo
    Oliver Mayo 4 months ago

    Absolute madness. You send 500 armed men on a small American outpost. What did they expect to happen?? The US forces take cover and air power turns up and blats them out of existence. It isnt difficult to understand.

  • Skittles Revenge
    Skittles Revenge 11 months ago

    Hey Russia, Go ahead and keep poking the Bee's nest with a stick and see what you continue to get!!!

  • MississippiRebel
    MississippiRebel 3 months ago

    Most people (civiians) don't realize just how powerful and the capabilities of the military. The US military is somewhere around 100 to 300 times more powerful than Russia's military. Even if those Russian forces that attacked the US had air support, they would have been easily shot down by the F-22's.

  • Vac Efron
    Vac Efron 9 months ago

    I recommend you take up one of the new job openings for Wagner. They're looking for people like you. Tell them you want to go to Syria and work east of Euphrates River. They have plenty of job openings there.

  • Melissa
    Melissa 6 months ago

    Putin sacrificing his own soldiers just to make trouble against the U.S.

  • James Black
    James Black 6 days ago

    You have to respect the fact that the US is the only superpower with real combat and artillery experience they are well trained and have many years of using pin point artillery and airstrikes the US pilots are battle hardened and The US logistics of moving men and equipment is second to none if it really kicked of with Russia or China the US will end it quick the only issue is China or Russia would be so decimated that the option left would be nuclear and thats what squarest shit out of me.Lesson learned here don't fuck with the US and the Western coalition.