What's changed for Maricar, Richard after marriage? MP3 VIDEO DOWNLOAD

  • Published on Jul 6, 2013

  • After their much talked-about wedding in June, celebrity couple Richard Poon and Maricar Reyes said they continue to make "new discoveries" about each other, especially now that they live under the same roof.
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  • Infinity Plus One
    Infinity Plus One 3 years ago

    I really admire both of them. Lalo na nung nakita ko ung wedding vid nila. knowing Maricar's issue before (tho I never watched the video coz I dont want to) cguro kung ibang guy yun, bka lagi pang ipamukha kay Maricar ung past niya. I'm just glad Maricar got Richard in her life. :)) But sabi nga sa Bible "love does not keep records of wrongs"

  • merced bolongan
    merced bolongan 4 years ago

    Past is past , the are meant for each other so stop the bashing about them Kasi dito sa abroad bago ka ma kasal live in muna pag Hindi magkatuluyan hanap ng Iba ganoon Lang yon they call it here coupling be open minded kaya Hindi umaasenso ang buhay ng Pinoy puro negative ang comment at least pinakasalan si maricar kayo na mga haters and basher what will be your life in the future Baka maging punta rin kayo or macho dancers din so stop judging

  • Ara Dea
    Ara Dea 5 years ago

    Ang daming ingiterang froggy dito... d nlng maging happy pra sa knila... narrow minded ang mga putix.... so wht qng my scndal c mricar..it doesnt make her bad person... grw up people...

  • carlyn marie santos
    carlyn marie santos 4 years ago

    Grav nmnga tao dto d ba kau pweding maging masaya nlng sa knla?

  • Charry Cuyos
    Charry Cuyos 3 years ago

    stop bashing them!kung ang Diyos napatawad sila sino kayo para mang husga??let us be happy for the happiness of others😀

  • Rey Gab
    Rey Gab 3 years ago

    very professional babaeng siya....

  • Ruelyn Tayo
    Ruelyn Tayo 4 years ago

    Wow! Lucky girl.

  • Juvie
    Juvie 3 years ago

    praying for your love last

  • baketin smugface
    baketin smugface 4 years ago

    wow... ang sweet.. ka inggit..

  • Sallyrose Endriga
    Sallyrose Endriga 5 years ago

    Hay mga tao tlga....may ugaling mapanghusga....move on napo tau...para happy lahat!

  • Emy Batalla
    Emy Batalla 2 years ago

    I like maricar npka feminine niya. and bagay tlg cla kc dominant look si richard si maricar nmn sweet girl. Kya to the both of u pls stay forever lucky kau s isat isa.💙💙

  • Angel Nyel
    Angel Nyel 1 year ago

    I sooooo love maricar, from imortal pa hihihu sheeess so smart beautiful nd humble, more power nd blessings to u maricar!

  • mercy mallari
    mercy mallari 3 months ago

    Adorable couple ..ganda ng attitude to each other keep it up 😘❤👍💜

  • Revena Aryento
    Revena Aryento 2 years ago

    tama qa ara diya kong maqapanghusga cla akala nila malinis cla

    DGALMAN 5 years ago

    That he has dignity and pride for the woman the he married, I really suggest that maricar try ur best to get that videos out of the internet because nakakaawa naman ang asawa mo, knowing na anytime he could just search ur name and the guy on youtube or internet this is what he will watch and see, its really not fair for him, that's all thanx. Congrats to both of you :-D

    DGALMAN 5 years ago

    I gI've it up for richard despite of the scandal that maricar was on, he didn't care and still love maricar the way she is, although I don't think that's its fair that they would just ignore the video because in the long run that's whats gonna ruin the relationship,,, its best to try to solve this matther before it create another problem in ur married life, because no matter what richard say that's its ok for him that his wife has past sacandal thats on the internet deep inside he's still a man

  • fazz3173
    fazz3173 5 years ago

    Kinikilig ako sa kanilang dalawa

  • JoRam Chan
    JoRam Chan 5 years ago

    they looked good together...

  • Aldrin  Rivas
    Aldrin Rivas 5 years ago

    bugok anong alam mo teresita bugok

    TERESITA AZADA 5 years ago

    Hey you porn girl.kong komilos ka parang di makabasag pingan promise you stay as porn.