• Published on Sep 11, 2014

  • This exclusive interview is further proof that Paco Larrañaga and 6 young men were framed by the Police in Cebu for kidnapping the Chiong Sisters in 1997. The police made her sign an affidavit saying she witnesses the crime when she claims she saw NOTHING! Join the fight to Free Paco Now!
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  • It's Britney Bisch
    It's Britney Bisch 10 months ago

    Any mother would've insisted on a DNA test because any mother would cling to all hope that the body found wasn't her daughter, that her daughter was still alive somewhere. The fact that she didn't insist on DNA testing and DID NOT EVEN IDENTIFY THE BODY HERSELF smells fishy to me.

  • Edwina Espeleta
    Edwina Espeleta 10 months ago (edited)

    It doesn't even make sense that Paco, a mestizo from Cebu, would be hell bent on pursuing girls of Chinese descent. Normally, these boys would go out with mestizas. It's quite clear that the whole thing is a frame up. A frame up done with the help of corrupt police, judges, fiscals, etc. It's about time the truth needs to be told.

  • Jedah Ross Simugan
    Jedah Ross Simugan 10 months ago

    Gitago nlng unta ang identity niya. This vid is putting her life in danger

  • Ricardo
    Ricardo 10 months ago

    “I just told them the truth because I just gave birth that time about 2 months. I said I heard something but it DIDN’T make me WONDER because it was a Wednesday night, right? There really are a lot (of cars) which will pass and stop by, and on Thursdays that’s really already a market. There are a lot (of people/vendors) that will stop there; the cows, the carabaos. Yes, that’s what I thought it was. I didn’t tell them this and that (she’s referring to the twisted version of her original story by the police and media). I really didn’t.”

  • Karla Balaga
    Karla Balaga 10 months ago

    Justice for Paco!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan Zimbabwe
    Ryan Zimbabwe 10 months ago

    whos watching this without reading the subtitle? because youre bisaya

  • Perry Anonuevo
    Perry Anonuevo 10 months ago

    sana blurred yung mukha ng ini-interview... for her protection - just sayin'

  • Love Never Last
    Love Never Last 10 months ago

    Hindi Ka Pweding Maging Mabait Sa Isang Tao Na Kasali Sa Pag Rape Ng Anak Mo

  • Crystal Jew Magsino
    Crystal Jew Magsino 10 months ago

    Fabricated evidence from witnesses. ) altering, destroying, suppressing or concealing any paper, record, document, or object, with intent to impair its verity, authenticity, legibility, availability, or admissibility as evidence in any investigation of or official proceedings in, criminal cases, or to be used in the investigation of, or official proceedings in, criminal cases;

  • Bel Guarte
    Bel Guarte 10 months ago

    Justice for PACO! 🙏🙏🙏

  • Gboy Tibar
    Gboy Tibar 10 months ago


  • Ricardo Abapo Jr.
    Ricardo Abapo Jr. 10 months ago

    The English subtitle is not giving justice to what the interviewee was saying.. like in the end, she was pleading to the interviewer "please get (she meant to remove) the first (she's referring to that affidavit that she was forced to sign), why did the story become like that (referring to how baffled she was when she later learned that her story got twisted in the affidavit and in the media reports)".

  • suzebay
    suzebay 4 years ago

    It was a great movie. I see it can be saved for future viewing in Netflix, not sure where else it can be seen onlune, but it did air on PBS once. This video is further proof that the charges were false. I feel sorry for this woman too. I am so sorry that Paco has been unjustly imprisoned for 17 years. I hope continued pressure on Spain and the Philippines can free him. 

  • Focus Locus
    Focus Locus 10 months ago (edited)

    Chiong Fam..?just prepare yourselves seems the Smoke slowly goes down...Hindi nyo kayang bilhin ng kahit magkano ang kaluluwa ninyo. Sa hi-tech pa naman ng panahon ngayon lulutang at lulutang talaga ang katutuhanan. As i think if you'll be proven guilty not only 1 or 2 should pay but the entire family coz kahit hindi man ako Judge pero pati buong angkan ninyo alam nila kung ano ang nangyare. Initially bibilib ako kung ang ina mismo ng mga ni rape kung baga magpa-presenta siya na magpa lie-detector test. Kasi may isa akong video napanood na sinabi niya na nag move-on na siya, woww sarili mong mga anak maka move-on ka kung sa totoong pangyayare?oh common, myself personally i lost my elder brother 1996 due to vehicular accident but till the moment still mourning as it so hard to erase. And she added that the case is closed and not even anyone can re-investigate nor reopen on it, another wow, who are you by the way "a president?"Thousands of people shouts to re-open the good luck...

  • kae aguilon
    kae aguilon 10 months ago (edited)

    halata namang frame up. look, out of all the evidences wala sila ni isang pinaniwalaan. si rusia yung nagsabi ng totoo, bakit sobrang bait ni ms. chiong dun sa taong yun? diba? pinatay yung anak mo pero binibigyan mo ng regalo? haha how pathetic. and also yung bangkay, hindi man lang nga sila sure about that. nakakainis lang na ang dami ng ebidensya pero wala silang pinaniniwalaan. and from manila to cebu? hindi naman ganun kadali bumyahe. and then the next day, mr. larañaga took an exam? sobrang imposible na siya yun. mga walang puso yang chiong family.

  • Arsee Dee
    Arsee Dee 10 months ago

    praying with the Larrañaga family. The Lord hears the innermost cries of our hearts. may justice and truth prevail.

  • Krystle Pilario
    Krystle Pilario 10 months ago


  • The Trinidad Sisters
    The Trinidad Sisters 10 months ago


  • Idontha namesec
    Idontha namesec 10 months ago

    At @

  • ZEC
    ZEC 10 months ago

    Luod sa justice system sa Pinas ui giatay