Jano Band performing - Eritrean song by Tekele tesfazgi ትግረኛ - [ Fikrey telemeni] Music 2016 MP3 VIDEO DOWNLOAD

  • Published on Sep 26, 2015

  • Jano Band - [ Fikrey telemeni] live at H2o (Official HD Music Video) Click here To see more video https://goo.gl/domDwq tigrigna music Jano band Amharic music,H2o,new Ethiopian music,Addis music,hot Ethiopian music,Ethiopian rock,Habesha music,Rock music,new Amharic music,Amharic music video,Hot Amharic video,Best amharic video,Jano at H2o,Haleluya T/sadik,Dibekulu Tafesse,Hailu Amerga,,Michael Hailu,Hewan G/Wolde. Originally sang by the great Tekele tesfazgi
  • Jano Band performing - Eritrean song by Tekele tesfazgi ትግረኛ - [ Fikrey telemeni] Music 2016 tags


  • Zaid Mhamud
    Zaid Mhamud 3 years ago

    From Ethiopia like Eritrean song long live to the people of Ethiopia and our Brothers and sisters Eritrean

  • Sami Nebsi
    Sami Nebsi 2 years ago

    We Eritreans and Ethiopians are so annoying. What the fack is wrong with you guys? Why are arguing about this song ? Those guys called Jano Band for a reason and most of the times they replay somebody's song. This girl Hewan she decided to replay Tekle Tesfasgi's song and we should be happy about it. Also it shows how much respect she has toward the original singer tekle nothing else. Keep it up Jano Band I love you guys all the way from Eritrea.

  • MeraCathoTube 7
    MeraCathoTube 7 2 years ago (edited)

    I am eritrean...I feel proud of zis song eventhou its song of eritrean tekle tesfazgi but this Girl makes me Crazy. I really love her voice,,,,,,,,,Thank u our legendary great Artist eritrean tekle tesfazgi and RIP

  • mohamed mustafa
    mohamed mustafa 1 year ago

    i am sudanese ilove this song .we love ethiopian and eritrean brothers

  • እሉ የሰሌ ቆንጆ

    ደግሜ ደግሜ ስሰማው የማይሰለቸኝ ጥሩ ነው በርቺ

  • always fun
    always fun 3 years ago

    wow im eritrean.. i really appreciate to jano band. good performance and clasical as well. you guys reminds me the legend "Tekle tesfazghi" so i'll keep listening to this music till i feel pain in my ear.

  • Awet Aregay
    Awet Aregay 3 years ago

    Good job. As Tekle Tesfazgi fan I really liked the way you played it. I hope to hear more from you. 👏👏👏

  • Mike Andy
    Mike Andy 3 years ago

    Music is an international language that unites people all over the world. Miserable people are always preaching hate and complaining about something. Therefore, enjoy yourself and respect the artist shows luv and appreciation of a particular song whether from Eri or other national origin.

  • Meron Teklay Wåseth

    i like this music, Tnx Jano Band

  • Yonas M
    Yonas M 3 years ago

    Hands Down ! Jano Band , Proud of you guys !

  • Navil Brook
    Navil Brook 2 years ago

    I love you all Jano band ...from Eritrea

  • The truth has set me free The great one jc


  • habtegebre
    habtegebre 2 years ago

    To the miserable gits from both side of the border, just enjoy the music !! ;-)

  • K T
    K T 3 years ago

    u guys rock especially fikerey telemeni wow I love it ✌✌

  • love your self
    love your self 2 years ago

    ልበይ መሊእኩምለይ( ፍቅሪ )

  • Rahwa teclemichael
    Rahwa teclemichael 3 years ago

    Amazing voice and I love how she sang Tekle Tesfasgi' Song,

  • Tesfana Cafe
    Tesfana Cafe 3 years ago

    and also exactly our Eritrean fluent

  • wedibashay
    wedibashay 2 years ago

    Peace from asmera , great band

  • Tumuzghi Gebrelibanos

    የስ በጣም ቆንጆ eritrean and ethiopia

  • Abi Kiflom
    Abi Kiflom 3 years ago

    love you guys and gorgeous girl wow awesome,