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  • Streamed live on Jul 16, 2018

  • Fillmmakers Michael Collins and Marty Syjuco plead Paco Larrañaga's case in the 2011 documentary Give Up Tomorrow, which chronicles the case of the Chiong sisters
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  • Jaesun
    Jaesun 11 months ago

    Hit like kung naniniwala ka kay paco

  • NaNa Po
    NaNa Po 5 months ago

    I came from Stephane soo

  • Fil Salvador
    Fil Salvador 11 months ago

    1 - paano mapupunta si paco sa cebu then balik ulit sa manila in just 1 day tapos walang records?

  • Mari Bo
    Mari Bo 10 months ago

    What really amazed me is on how paco trust to the Lord after everything happened to him.

  • S P
    S P 11 months ago

    I was in tears watching the video. Because aside from paco and the rest of the guys who were arrested, i wonder how people have gone through the same situation? I wonder how many innocent men were killed/sent to jail for crimes they did not do?

  • Stan talent, stan BTOB
    Stan talent, stan BTOB 11 months ago

    This would be the most powerful documentary highlighting the injustice system in the philippines

  • gloprguicds
    gloprguicds 4 months ago


  • tina barnes
    tina barnes 11 months ago

    The girls mother is disgusting. I think Paco is innocent! The way he was/is treated makes me so mad!

  • Maria Retina Sarmiento
    Maria Retina Sarmiento 11 months ago

    my boyfriend's brother is a lawyer working with the Spanish prison system said that Paco's case was a mistrial from the beginning because the evidences presented by the supposedly victims' families is weak from the beginning!!! he reviewed the transcript sent from the Philippines and he found Russia perjured himself when he was the witness! he theorised that it was a set up from the beginning as well as the boss of the father of the 2 girls had his daughters murdered as well threatened them to shut up!! Mr and Mrs Chiong knows more that they kept silent!! Paco and his friends are indeed innocent!! they deserve a retrial for this case!! my boyfriend's brother in his legal opinion said to my boyfriend that there's a strong chance that these guys are exonorated if there is a retrial to happen now if the Chiongs were found in this trial to frame up those innocent men they may end up in jail as well pay the restitution along with the government for ruining these people's lives!! my boyfriend and I think that the judge was murdered by you know who!! they set up that he killed himself!!! we have to make our voices heard to petition the president to reopen the case to know the truth!! Erap too is legally liable for this mess!!

  • Angie Quillopo
    Angie Quillopo 11 months ago

    I want to know the story of the six men and not only with paco..

  • cristalyn balagtas
    cristalyn balagtas 11 months ago

    sinu dto kay paco naniniwala?

  • Mizpah Yael
    Mizpah Yael 10 months ago

    "I think the Philippines is embarrased because of this case."

  • GermanShepherdMom
    GermanShepherdMom 10 months ago

    justice for all 7 of them. I believe the girls were probably taken by the girls' father's bosses workers for something he did or didn't do right. The girls' mother is more guilty than they are for her crimes and statements regarding planning Paco's death!! This whole case stinks of corruption!! These boys never stood a chance with such a nefarious government. Shame, shame on you Philippine government!!

    BLISSFULTAE 11 months ago

    Reopen the case.

  • trash for the boyz
    trash for the boyz 11 months ago


  • NGDJoy
    NGDJoy 11 months ago (edited)

    His conviction when he said" i would rather have the death penalty than of admitting a crime i did not do" proved his innocence and dignity.

  • Andraña
    Andraña 11 months ago (edited)

    As a Spanish-Filipino, I think that Paco is very much innocent. Los estupidos.

  • Gayle Gel Gab
    Gayle Gel Gab 8 months ago

    President Duterte..

  • No Mind
    No Mind 4 months ago

    "The slaves of today will be the tyrants of tomorrow"- Dr. Jose Rizal

  • Mario Antonio
    Mario Antonio 11 months ago

    The Pen is more powerful than the sword, Paco is not guilty. . .