Media Week Day 2: Miss Universe Catriona Gray on GOOD DAY NEW YORK -- FULL INTERVIEW MP3 VIDEO DOWNLOAD

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019

  • Media Week Day 2: Miss Universe Catriona Gray on GOOD DAY NEW YORK -- FULL INTERVIEW tags


  • The charisma is everything. You will never get bored of talking to this woman. Very sensible one.

  • The most well spoken and intelligent miss universe ever!! To MUO, good luck finding another miss universe like catriona!

  • Great interview of the queen, OMG, she could be the next Wonder Woman :)

  • One of the best spokesperson miss universe had. Very influential queen. Congrats

  • A complete package , she really know how to carry a conversation

  • Nothing can defeat her 4 million twitter followers.. most influential Miss Universe ever..

  • I noticed Catriona as so being more patriotic than most of us Filipinos.,. Day 1 she wear yellow, blue at day 2 and red at day 3 Iam thinking its no coincidence its patriotically on purposed.

  • Her charisma is a big ball of light

  • Si Catriona yung classmate mong laging mataas ang grade sa recitation. 0001f602

  • It is not because her language is english, she talks with a lot of sense. Very intelligent0001f60d0001f60d0001f60d

  • Miss Grand International 2018 would die in jealousy with this very eloquent Miss Universe 2018.

  • She has set a high standard for MUO. Articulate, intelligent with class and elegance!

  • You just can’t get tired listening to her. What a true Queen! ❤️

  • She's very well spoken beauty queen smart and intelligent she is the remarkable miss universe ever and pride of the Philippines....

  • I am always astonished, captivated and very engaged everytime Catriona speaks, answers questions with brilliant wisdom and eloquence! I feel like I can listen and talk to her unlimited time and be infinitely entertained at the same time empowered by her stories and ideas. I LOVE YOU MY QUEEN CAT, the QUEEn of us FILIPINOS, and ONE of the BEST Miss UNIVERSE in the history!!! 0001f60d0001f60d0001f60d0001f6180001f6180001f6180001f9290001f9290001f9290001f6070001f6070001f6070001f1f50001f1ed0001f1f50001f1ed0001f1f50001f1ed

  • You could tell that the 2 lady hosts likes her a lot. She is a great lady - you could feel and see how sincere and natural she. I would dump the boyfriend if I were her (joke!!!) but I will - yes dump him in Tondo, Manila.

  • Pretty good! The hosts are awesome!

  • She's very humble shes not wear a crown.. I love u Catriona Gray.. U complete package, From Bicolana here Magayon ..ur the best MS. Universe

  • Very Americanized ang accent nya.

  • Nice one cat and you are a true beauty queen...0001f60d