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  • Published on Jan 9, 2019

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  • Good win tonight. Let's hope they bring this energy to the next game. Will be a tough one against the Jazz on their home court.

  • Only took 3 Quarters for Kyle Kuzma to score 41 points. 0001f6020001f6020001f6020001f6020001f602

  • Give Beasly more playing time he deserved Luke...

  • Lonzo would be a great NFL QB.

  • Kuz and Beasley ballin out of control

  • i love it when they move the ball and cut

  • Good to see Beasley (especially on his birthday) and Zubac getting minutes and putting them to good use. Also good to have Kuzma back.

  • Idc what nobody say Lakers + LEBRON EQUAL 2019 CHAMPIONS

  • Beasely is a walking bucket. This guy is so smooth on the dribble. No hesitation. That is what BI needs. BI doesn't understand the heartbeat of the game. He has a sticky dribble and is a bit slow.

  • Where all Zo haters at?

  • hbd beasly

  • maybe lebron will play against jazz

  • The boys are coming together. Kuzma is the man. All star ⭐️

  • It would be a huge mistake to break up this young core!!!! 0001f49c0001f49b

  • Why can't we do this everynight...we have the talent..I don't understand. with heart and the way they were passing the ball around...good win lets take it to the game..and be hungry

  • this the type of energy we need, plus sum good plays, sharin the ball, attackin the rim, people really jus have to understand that there are times Zo don need to score a lot, sometimes he juz need to be aggressive findin the open guy, defending and fascilitatin ya'll see those flashy passes he just did on this game. 0001f44c0001f525 and Kuz was just so 0001f5250001f525

  • We've got a squad! Trade Lebron for Anthony Davis! 0001f6060001f6060001f6060001f49c0001f49b

  • I need a Kuz jersey

  • Beasley Is a pure bucket getter. He should definitely get more minutes when Bron and rondo come back

  • another good win with the young fellas, everyone start saying trade them when ever we lose. LMAO