7 FUNNY DIY PRANKS AND TRICKS || Awesome Pranks For Friends by 123GO! MP3 VIDEO DOWNLOAD

  • Published on May 8, 2019

  • If you're not a professional at pranks just yet, have no fear — there are plenty of funny pranks that'll help you make fun of your friends. We’ve collected brilliant pranks that will end in laughter, without making anyone want to cut you out of their life. It's perfectly OK to play safe pranks on friends, especially if your friends will find them funny and not malicious. A prank is considered safe if it doesn't hurt anyone, physically or emotionally, it doesn't damage property, and, of course, it is not illegal. If you love pranking your friends, here are some fun pranks to try out! #123GO! #pranks #DIY Music by Epidemic Sound: https://www.epidemicsound.com/
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  • the Bunny
    the Bunny 1 week ago

    Where is Vicky?

  • Audreysaurs Gamer
    Audreysaurs Gamer 1 week ago (edited)


  • Whydontwe Alexseavey

    I would eat the chips from my lap

  • IsaBella B.
    IsaBella B. 1 week ago

    123 GO! is giving Troom Troom a run for its money. Grab your popcorn, ladies and gentlemen (and everyone in between), this could get interesting.

  • egg
    egg 1 week ago

    5 minutes and Troom Troom had a baby, right?

  • Kristy Nguyen
    Kristy Nguyen 3 days ago

    What’s a girl to do with onion skin?

  • Crazy Flower
    Crazy Flower 1 week ago (edited)


  • It’s Bri
    It’s Bri 1 week ago

    Troom Troom has left the chat....

  • Kamal Sharma
    Kamal Sharma 1 week ago


  • glittery glam
    glittery glam 1 week ago

    "dont suck to hard vicy"

  • kiran chhowala
    kiran chhowala 1 day ago

    I love you 123go 😍👍👏👌

  • Andrea Gonzalez
    Andrea Gonzalez 1 week ago

    I did most of all of these pranks on my siister

  • Ishanjali
    Ishanjali 2 weeks ago (edited)

    Who only watch the pranks but never try them 😎😎😍😍😘😘

  • arsha rajesh
    arsha rajesh 3 days ago

    I liked Sofia so much.🤩🤩🤩

  • kira otto
    kira otto 1 week ago

    Roses are Red

  • Sarah Nkrumah
    Sarah Nkrumah 1 week ago

    Is it just me or when she was eating the pickles it was satisfying? 😂

  • Shobana Preethi
    Shobana Preethi 5 days ago

    How many of them like 123 go channel? 🤔

  • Saira Roohi
    Saira Roohi 2 weeks ago

    Who else watches the video but never try hacks/pranks 😃

  • Abby LOL Puppies
    Abby LOL Puppies 1 week ago (edited)


  • Kiley Howard
    Kiley Howard 1 day ago