I Like You So Much, You’ll Know It (English Cover) | Kath Sepagan MP3 VIDEO DOWNLOAD

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019

  • - LINKS - Facebook: http://facebook.com/kathsepagan Twitter: http://twitter.com/kathsepagan Instagram & Snapchat: @kathsepagan YO CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzni... - ABOUT - Kath Sepagan Manila, Philippines Based on lyrics of Ysabelle's Cover: I Like You So Much, You’ll Know It (我多喜欢你,你会知道) https://youtu.be/bS9eXS6VucU Business, inquiries, & collaborations: kathrinasepagan@gmail.com #KathSepaganVlogs - 'til next time, bye! ♡
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  • Jhaffy
    Jhaffy 5 months ago (edited)

    "The finest guitarist in our village"

  • Monkey Note
    Monkey Note 2 weeks ago

    June na ngaun sinu pa nanonoud nitong Video na ito? Press the like Button. Sana maka sama sa Gig nila COLN itong Crush ko na ito 😊

  • Nico Bryan
    Nico Bryan 5 months ago

    Hey mr yow. I cen refer you to de finest band in our villeyge.

  • Source
    Source 4 months ago

    Put it on 0.75 speed and close your eyes. :)

  • Daidai Manalo
    Daidai Manalo 1 day ago

    Oh my heart! Napaclick tuloy ako ng Subscribe button! 😍❤️

  • hakdowg 69
    hakdowg 69 5 months ago

    Yoh is the finest guitarist in our village.

  • Rev Lloed Hinlo
    Rev Lloed Hinlo 5 months ago

    #50 Trending 😱💯💯

  • Ryan Ofalsa
    Ryan Ofalsa 3 weeks ago

    Just waiting for new upload

  • Ward Wards
    Ward Wards 1 month ago

    Watching this now, Cause i Really miss you Kath.

  • JayGamz TV
    JayGamz TV 5 months ago

    yeah ooohw 3 beautiful&smooth voice more video's

  • Chris Dalmaceda
    Chris Dalmaceda 2 days ago

    anong chords Kaya gamit ni finest bassist in the village?😁

  • Kierr Allen Virata
    Kierr Allen Virata 5 months ago

    How to be you po !!Pero si content material talaga nag dala HAHAHA JK LNG!!

  • Kenneth Andrei Arboladura

    Kath! Lyrics sa description pleaseeeeeee! 💞 Thank youuu

    PUBGM GAMING 3 months ago

    sino hanggang ngayon pnapanood pato??

  • Ysabelle
    Ysabelle 5 months ago

    Beautiful! 👏

  • Darren Rafael Guerrero

    Kath Sepagan Upload na 😂😍 Miss ka na namin

  • Raaamzy
    Raaamzy 2 months ago

    Yooooooow IDOL napakatalented mo talaga haha. Ganda dn ng boses mo Kath 😋

  • Gwapa B
    Gwapa B 1 month ago

    The 👸 of sepangan's pamiley

  • Lalaine Alvaro
    Lalaine Alvaro 5 months ago

    Iba talaga pag content material. 😂

  • MeloMoto
    MeloMoto 5 months ago

    Pati dito ang laki ng ambag ni Yoh hahaha. GOAT CONTENT MATERIAL