Vico Sotto, nahalal na bilang bagong Mayor ng Pasig City MP3 VIDEO DOWNLOAD

  • Published on May 13, 2019

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  • Julia B Mangaliag
    Julia B Mangaliag 1 week ago


  • Virgie Carriedo
    Virgie Carriedo 1 week ago

    He won't be a responsible man if not for Connie. Connie is the woman who raised him that is why he became a man

  • beng campanero
    beng campanero 1 week ago

    So proud of y vico, congrats n God bless

  • badlongon
    badlongon 1 week ago

    Congrats Vico. More power Pasig.

  • Alfred RZ
    Alfred RZ 1 week ago (edited)

    Thats a good vote, younger generation to do something new and better for pasig city.

  • kbern12
    kbern12 1 week ago

    Congratulations Vico Sotto! I am not from Pasig... I always hope for new and good leadership. May God be with you always!

  • Cypress Martinez
    Cypress Martinez 1 week ago

    I cried... Bkt ang senti ko for Vico?? What a victorious Day indeed!!! I'm an OFW and I can feel his pure heart, passion, dedication and sincerity. God bless you Vico and the new set of Local Government leaders in Pasig! 👊🎉👍✔🇵🇭

  • jphons duality
    jphons duality 1 week ago

    Bossing Jr. congratulations Ganito dapat ang mga iboto hindi mga bugok na political dynasties

  • Angelita Hussein
    Angelita Hussein 1 week ago

    As i watched the Victory of Vico..i cried i don't know why...God miraculously moves sa buhay nila esp. To Mam Coney...a prayerful Mom of Vico...To God be the humble and Well desciplined young man..

  • Bhaby S.
    Bhaby S. 1 week ago

    Sa wakas, unti-unting natatapos ang political dynasty sa Pilipinas. Salamat sa mga bumoto kay Vico Sotto.

  • Virginia Lagman
    Virginia Lagman 5 days ago

    Congratulations again, Mayor Vico Sotto!! I know you'll be a good leader of all the Pasigueño!

  • Josh Abarquez
    Josh Abarquez 5 days ago

    He's the grandson of Vicente Sotto & Felimon Sotto of Cebu politics run to his viens.

  • Christopher Philip Reyes

    We pray that he becomes the best servant to the people of Pasig and the Philippines.

  • Paul Tapang
    Paul Tapang 6 days ago

    Vico is the new Jesse Robredo

  • athenstar10
    athenstar10 4 days ago

    He sounds like a typical politician, but I believe he will be different. Sana lang tuluy-tuloy yan.

  • Marilen Joy
    Marilen Joy 5 days ago

    I'll support you in everything, baeVi Coh! 😂💗

  • Elizabeth Ancog
    Elizabeth Ancog 1 week ago

    Success mother talaga si Coney reyes

  • The Truth
    The Truth 1 week ago

    First order of business...

  • Aria D.
    Aria D. 1 week ago

    I just hope that the new mayors in all metro manila will adhere to peace and order policy of the president, no corruptions in all levels at real public service.

  • Elizabeth Bognot
    Elizabeth Bognot 1 week ago

    Praying for your protection. God be with you always.