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  • Published on Jun 8, 2019

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  • 30dynamo
    30dynamo 1 week ago

    Golovkin just created a new move, call it "The Downercut"

  • Golovinov Live
    Golovinov Live 5 days ago

    Гена твои удары в лоб сверху вниз это сказка в моей жизни

  • Aron Gilles
    Aron Gilles 1 day ago

    Will it hurt baby top of his head?

  • SixoneninE 1904
    SixoneninE 1904 4 days ago

    So GGG, how did u feel after that KO?

  • Tanner Myers
    Tanner Myers 3 days ago

    This fight was more entertaining that Canelo vs. Jacobs.

  • Truth Teller
    Truth Teller 1 week ago

    That downward hook should be called the "G Shock."

  • Vitor Hugo
    Vitor Hugo 21 hours ago

    GGG > Canelo "Judge-Bias" Alvarez

  • Eric Matterson
    Eric Matterson 6 days ago (edited)

    That was an overhand left hook. A GGG special. A weird looking punch but effective.

  • mexican painter626
    mexican painter626 1 week ago

    DAZN we the people are with you!!! Amazing

  • hero 1690
    hero 1690 1 week ago

    triple g doesnt feel pain. punching him only makes him angry. love this lad. true warrior.

  • Daniel Tercero
    Daniel Tercero 1 week ago

    Shout out to DAZN for not taking years to upload the highlights

  • hangima gan
    hangima gan 1 week ago

    GGG is a clean boxer.

  • Сергей Касинский

    Гена красавчик!!! Беларусь за тебя Асей душой!!!!

    VUDU ROMANCE 1 week ago

    that left that started that flury was madness, the power in such an angle DAMN! OG

  • IGPX Satomi
    IGPX Satomi 1 day ago

    "I can't Steve, I need the money!" LMFAO

  • Migatron1
    Migatron1 1 week ago

    Rolls is probably 2-3 inches shorter after those overhead hooks by GGG

  • justin cruz
    justin cruz 6 days ago

    KNOCKOUT of the year folks like if u agree

  • I quit my job
    I quit my job 5 days ago

    GGG might aswell of been fighting gary glitter, would of give the same output

  • tim rodulf
    tim rodulf 6 days ago

    Steve Rolls lost but damn he was going in as well.

  • V1N
    V1N 3 days ago

    GGG started fighting bad, but he was improving, and then KO!