LeBron James Turns Into LeAlien&Shows Spurs He Is King Of LA! MP3 VIDEO DOWNLOAD

  • Published on Dec 5, 2018

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  • LeAlien......0001f6020001f6020001f602 What's next Legod? Then when he leaves Lakers LeGo?

  • King LeBron James, The Lion, was in the middle of a meeting with his most trusted generals when his squire, Lonzo Ball, burst into the room. Breathing heavily and holding an envelope in his hand, he blurted out to The King.

  • How many primes is this dude going to have?

  • Lol damn Demar can never escape..

  • Lol. Some people think curry and kd are better than lebron

  • The King saw work and said “I got this”.

  • Skip bout to say the Spurs is on a Back to Back game and the ray Allen 3 Saved LBJ’s Career

  • Lebron turns into GOD& LITERALLY sends the spurs to HELL

  • That's what I do

  • Come on bron, u need to lose! Your hater's channel needs new content. 0001f6020001f6020001f602

  • Bro how is he so good lmfao

  • how can anyone hate this guy? amazing to watch

  • This man just does what he wants every game

  • I'm the GOAT

  • Lebron is the first to start pullin up frm 30 n da staples center...lakers fan never seen dat frm any other laker...bron makin his mark!!!

  • His age is still 27 in his own planet, thats why

  • That range is insane 0001f633 it gets me every time

  • LeAlien shooting 3 from downtown, insane range !!!

  • We will all be dead in the next 100 years . Love life , live life , just enjoy these moments because life passes by in a heart beat . Who cares Lebron or Jordan or Kobe . 100 years from now they will praise some other great kid who’s maybe 1 right now man live life enjoy the small things . Peace ✌0001f3fd

  • LBJ absolutely took over in the 4th, that’s the main reason the lakers won, and kuz, hart, making some threes 0001f4400001f44f0001f3fe0001f451