Detroit Pistons vs Los Angeles Lakers | January 9, 2019 MP3 VIDEO DOWNLOAD

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019

  • Kyle Kuzma's career-high 41 buries the Detroit Pistons as the Lakers take the 113-110 win.
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  • Filthy crossover by Lonzo. Split that defence up. I love aggressive Lonzo he's so fun to watch.

  • Why does this guy love mentioning DJ Khaled so much

  • Keep the young lakers , dont let lebron trade them

  • Kuzma the beast!

  • JPX 

    Love Lonzo Ball !

  • Kuuzma got damn son!

  • It’s sad to see the stats don’t really show how great Lonzo is. He is a crucial member of the lakers especially with his play making skills. 11 assists, that’s what I call a real point guard!

  • Lil kuz 0001f525

  • 10 seconds left in the 4th. Rondo runs down the court with the ball. Kuz and Ingram are open. LeBron’s double-teamed. Rondo dishes it to LeBron in the corner. LeBron shoots a corner 3 from nearly behind the backboard and makes it as the buzzer runs out!!!

  • We dont need LeBron

  • Lebron no longer has an excuse of losing with such incredible teammates

  • Lakers are better without Lebron you heard it here first

  • anglito

  • Kuzma is getting better, good for Lakers

  • ho my God i love NBA 0001f44d✊0001f44d