4th Quarter Team Highlights - Spurs vs. Lakers - December 5, 2018 MP3 VIDEO DOWNLOAD

  • Published on Dec 5, 2018

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  • Harrison Enongene
    Harrison Enongene 5 months ago

    The only reason why I watch NBA is cuz of LeBron bc NBA sucks without him. Give credit to this man people

  • Kriznald Faldas
    Kriznald Faldas 5 months ago

    1 and only best player in the world.. the king LBJ.. my idol...

  • Laker Ludz
    Laker Ludz 5 months ago

    15-9 we coming boys..good times are here again

  • Freedom1044
    Freedom1044 5 months ago

    LONZO really played well today. ironically the team seemed to score more threes without ingram's iso plays xD

  • Leonalyn Sala
    Leonalyn Sala 5 months ago

    Three's of LeBron will be deadly this season

  • Baretta Byrdsong sr
    Baretta Byrdsong sr 5 months ago

    LeBron literally took this game over! L.A. fans are you not entertained 👑🐐💯

  • Guiller Gago
    Guiller Gago 5 months ago

    Go idol lbj your the best player

  • Rebel For Christ
    Rebel For Christ 5 months ago

    I think the Lakers play better without Ingram

  • AnsBro Supp
    AnsBro Supp 5 months ago


  • 김동원
    김동원 5 months ago

    He is just THE KING

  • Jowie Evans
    Jowie Evans 5 months ago

    They don't call him a KING for nothing! Go Lakersss!!

  • Kudakwashe Gwenzi
    Kudakwashe Gwenzi 5 months ago

    LeBron is the king

  • carrastealth
    carrastealth 5 months ago

    Amazing as always CachookaMan!!!

  • dave lopez
    dave lopez 5 months ago

    this team is just getting better n better..can't wait to make some noise in the playoffs..

  • angela viloria
    angela viloria 5 months ago

    I hopeclebron will be the final mvp in this season

  • Varis Bell
    Varis Bell 5 months ago

    Mr 4th Quarter💪🏿💪🏿

  • jershin solmeo
    jershin solmeo 5 months ago

    The king hahahaha.

  • 溫雲強
    溫雲強 5 months ago

    King James show time

  • joems 808
    joems 808 5 months ago

    respect the KING!

  • Mohamed Coulibaly
    Mohamed Coulibaly 5 months ago

    kuz out there with 22 pts, lonzo with 14 pts and 9 assists, hart had clutch moments, I really don't see how lebron going off and the young core learning can't happen at the same time..