Morissette Amon and Darren Espanto perform 'A Whole New World' MP3 VIDEO DOWNLOAD

  • Published on May 10, 2019

  • Aside from its live-action version, bringing Aladdin even more to life are vocal powerhouses Morissette Amon and Darren Espanto, singing their own rendition of Aladdin's hit song, 'A Whole New World.' Beyond the headlines and above the noise, we commit to tell stories that you need to read in these complex times. At Rappler PLUS, we imagine a better future for journalism and society. Get closer to the stories that matter and connect with the people behind them. Join Rappler PLUS. _ Follow Rappler on Social Media: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - YouTube - SoundCloud - Google+ - Tumblr -
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  • Sam Lim
    Sam Lim 1 week ago (edited)

    I like Darren voice in a low register note more manly it fit him so good - it's sexy !

  • Fatima Sagara
    Fatima Sagara 1 week ago

    Ang sarap sarap sarap sa pandinig ang boses ng dalawang ito. Grabi di ako maka get over sa sarap! Hahahaha

  • Riva Rivera
    Riva Rivera 1 week ago

    Darren's voice ❤ Transformation na ba ito?

  • Oriel Antonio
    Oriel Antonio 1 week ago

    Grabe!! Ang deep na ng voice ni darren!! I luv itt!!

  • optimus Lli
    optimus Lli 1 week ago

    Nagmature na talaga boses ni darren! Still so good, dika kelangan bumirit ng sobrang taas!

  • altec lansing
    altec lansing 1 week ago

    I love his voice! 😍

  • manisan22doll
    manisan22doll 1 week ago

    Grabe goosebumps here🙋 sabay iyak😭 ang galing nila pareho nakakaproud ang Pinoy sobra!👌❤

  • Rams Loves Bangtan

    Wow. Darren's voice is so good. Mori!!!!! Disney, please hire her.

  • Judeh Apol
    Judeh Apol 3 days ago

    I can't believe that Darren's voice became this manly😎😍 ghaaaaadddd

  • Bitter Char
    Bitter Char 1 week ago

    Darren always proves that he is good whether it is high or low

  • Eerriicc Vlogs
    Eerriicc Vlogs 1 week ago

    Darren is one of the great male singers in the Philippines

  • Yang Domingo
    Yang Domingo 1 week ago

    darren's low notes.. sarap s ears.

  • Amadeus J
    Amadeus J 1 day ago

    Superb Darren and Morissette. so proud of you Guys!!!

  • mielyf story
    mielyf story 1 week ago


  • Joyce Jerusalem
    Joyce Jerusalem 1 week ago

    The original Lea Salonga must be proud of Mori and Darren! ❤️

  • Gracey You
    Gracey You 1 week ago

    he grown up well...😊

  • Julie Ann Mandal
    Julie Ann Mandal 1 week ago

    Wow! Darren's deep voice 👏

  • ejaneee Kang
    ejaneee Kang 5 days ago

    Darren you never disappoint me💚Iloveyou just the way you are💚

  • Ninjaja Vlogs
    Ninjaja Vlogs 1 week ago

    Darren's low notes is 🔥👏

  • Canopy Cass
    Canopy Cass 2 days ago (edited)

    There's a lot of comments, re: coach SG. IMO, I am happy that Sarah G. turned for them during the voice audition that pave the way for them to join the contest, i am sure the two (2) are very thankful for that. However, (not to discredit the role Sarah G. played in their careers), the coaching was done only during the time when the competition is on-going. It's more than five years from the time they joined THE VOICE, let's give MORE CREDIT to the hard work and effort Darren and Mori put into themselves - to improve their craft and become better if not the best singers/performers in their field and of their generation.