Seafood Boil Muckbang (she's allergic) MP3 VIDEO DOWNLOAD

  • Published on Dec 5, 2018

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  • Nikita Satapathy
    Nikita Satapathy 5 months ago

    Bretman and Princess are my last two brain cells during finals.

  • What am I doing?
    What am I doing? 1 month ago (edited)

    No hate to Princess, but her laughing cracks me up

  • Kimberly Gomez
    Kimberly Gomez 1 week ago

    *Princess * cracking up

  • Miss Witny
    Miss Witny 2 months ago (edited)

    -Keiffer "What kind of guys are u into"

  • Bianca Sanderson
    Bianca Sanderson 1 month ago

    Bretman: do you have dyslexia?

  • Lenymar Matos
    Lenymar Matos 5 months ago

    When Bretman said Princess's hair was "defining gravity" 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀😭😭😂

  • Joanna Avalos
    Joanna Avalos 2 months ago (edited)

    Princess has a beautiful singing voice 🥰

  • Glitter Fairy
    Glitter Fairy 2 months ago

    When bret said that her hair is seasonal I lost it, so she becomes bald in the winter ??🤣🤣🤣

    PE CHRONICLES 2 weeks ago

    Bretman: princess you look like your having an allergic reaction 😆

  • F V C K Y O U
    F V C K Y O U 2 months ago

    I wish I have a brother like him,bruh he funny af HAHAHAHAHA

  • Ttea DG1
    Ttea DG1 5 months ago

    “You look like your having an allergic reaction”

  • All Day Stef
    All Day Stef 6 days ago

    Princess is naturally dumb and I love it lol

  • Hecky hecky I crave deathy
    Hecky hecky I crave deathy 1 month ago (edited)

    princess grabs the mussel

  • duhits kayla
    duhits kayla 2 months ago


  • Kringey Kiki
    Kringey Kiki 2 months ago

    She said who’s Rocky? Then she was like ohhh Rocky. With a different tone. Does the tone change the meaning?🤣🤣🤣this video was too funny

  • Cuban Taurus
    Cuban Taurus 5 months ago

    Princess is literally dying and they eating like it’s nothing 😭😭😂

  • bluffyy _
    bluffyy _ 2 weeks ago (edited)

    Princess: but i really like

  • Koya Leaf
    Koya Leaf 2 weeks ago (edited)

    Kieffer: if you weren't famous, what would you be doing?

  • Ariel W
    Ariel W 2 months ago

    “Why were you naked?”

  • Sarah A
    Sarah A 6 days ago

    Princess.. My mouth is burning.. The f**k i do!!?? .... Keep eating the crustaceans infront of her. 😂😂