Houston Rockets vs Milwaukee Bucks NBA Full Highlights (10th January 2019) MP3 VIDEO DOWNLOAD

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019

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  • J.HARDEN 42 minutes 13 of 30 SHOTS 6 of 16 3point shots 9 TURNOVERS...PEOPLE only look that he had 42 POINTS...

  • with 30 shoots, Harden scored 42..with just 14, Doncic scored 30..sorry, but im more impressed by the kid

  • Harden is the king of flops and traveling...

  • Bucks is good. Hope they remain the same during playoffs.

  • Harden doesn't have any defensive skill

  • Bucks can get a ring this yr.

  • Too much travel by harden!

  • The Rockets are really ugly to watch when their "live by the 3" playbook fails.

  • win over STATS.. nice W bucks!

  • How is Harden gonna complain about others traveling when he travels for half his buckets?

  • very nice win Bucks

  • Bucks would get destroyed by fully healthy Rockets with CP3 and Eric Gordon.

  • That travel at

  • I dont wanna bash your MVP, but that clutch 3s from Harden at the near end is a COMPLETE PUSH-OFF

  • Rockets will KiLL Basketball. Deserved win for Milwaukee, but it so sad to look how carefull they have to play to avoid getting calls from the reffs. Losing the entertainment of sport. :(

  • Bucks 2 the NBA FINALS ✌

  • deer is legit

  • Harden simply doesn't have the DNA to become a super star à la MJ, Kobe. Furrhermore, the beardie weirdie is a one dimensional player who burns energy only in offense. Hoisting zillions of treys, phantom calls, travelling and biased zebras inflates artificially his PPG production. MJ would've raped Harden back in the 90s. Yep, different eras but nowadays the NBA only cares about scoring no defense period. Bring back the hand checking please!!

  • Lopez humbled the f out of rockets on the paint