ANCXclusive: Nicko Falcis vs Kris Aquino / Threats and Accusations MP3 VIDEO DOWNLOAD

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019

  • In an exclusive tell-all with #ANCX, Nicko Falcis describes falling out of favor with media queen Kris Aquino, being charged with theft, and the price one has to pay for not wanting to be part of a narrative spun for him by his former boss. Subscribe to the ABS-CBN News channel! - Visit our website at Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #ANCXlclusive #ABSCBNNews
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  • I dont understand Kris! She’s getting crazier everyday

  • 1. Why blame someone because you got sick?

  • Where is the righteous kris aquino ive known,or the kris aquino they pictured as a righteous god kris aquino,what are you doing. We are not stupid to believe your dramas and fabricated stories!!!

  • Go nicko we support you

  • Kris should just stop using her parents as if na mga santo at santa sila. If all I know her family is so shady. She should just focus sa mga anak nya hindi yung maninira kapa ng ibang tao. Kaya iniwan to ni vice at ai ai eh.

  • “Kunin na lahat”, so Kris why go after this and ruin people’s lives, nikos life ?

  • your sisters want you alive the people want you Dead.

  • sooooo. anong kinalaman ni Nicko sa sakit ni Kris at pagpapahaba ng buhay nya??

  • I watch every interviews of miss Aquino she's always using the name of her mother,father,her sisters and her sons.just to get the sympathy of Filipino people

  • With this Being Watched, and historically checked.. MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE (under her, powerless e.g JAMES, JOEY ) ENVOLVED WITH KRIS ended thier LIVES messed up. But Mocha who is powerful in social mdia , di niya napatumba . I maybe judgemental but ... .. hmmmp... but I just observed it from the past.

  • i feel you nicko! she is a certified insane celeb also abusive of power and fame.

  • stop the drama krissy its to obvious your lying! fight nicko

  • Kung gaano kabilis bitawan ni Kris Aquino yung mga salitang, "ipapapatay ka ng pamilya ko!" says so much about her and her family's morality. Akala ko ba "bayani" ang tatay nyan at "santa" ang nanay and their family is very religious? Bakit napakadaling magbanta ng pagpatay? And don't give me that BS na, "kahit sino namang tao, kung milyones ang ninakaw sayo makakapag salita ng ganun." No! Napakaraming tao ang naloloko sa pera araw araw, minsan yun lang talaga ang inaasahan nila sa buhay, mga mahihirap na tao, pero hindi nila masasabing, "ipapapatay kita o ng pamilya ko!" Kung totoo man na ninakawan sya at hindi ito isang publicity stunt (as usual) gone wrong for Kris with the "men in her life, to solicit sympathy and gain attention again, " pera lang yan, maliit na bagay lalo na para sa isang Kris Aquino na napakayaman ng buong angkan. Magtiwala ka sa batas tutal marami ka pa ring pera, you can still live comfortably while waiting for justice to be served. Wag mong ipakita sa bayan kung gaano kayo kasugapa na kaya nyong magpapatay kahit wala pang napapatunayan para lang sa pera.

  • I do not want to use products that Kris Aquino endorses. Pati yang Nacho Bimby doesnt even taste good. Kris, bawasan mo yabang mo. You are so vain. You feel you are the darling of the Filipino people??! Megalomaniac, on the loose...that is Kris Aquino.

  • Poor guy. He made a wrong decision of being connected to a zany celebrity.

  • What are u really up to Ms Kris? "She can fabricate stories". --totally agree!! Go nicko

  • Kris accused a CPA... when it comes to book keeping, she better get a good forensic accountant to see the wrongs she accused Nicko of. Otherwise, this is pure drama from a very dramatic person.0001f914 On the other side, there is a record of her threatening Nicko's life. In the eye of the public, she has clearly bullied someone who is not her level.

  • Pa tulfo na yan para aksyonan agad0001f6020001f6020001f6020001f6020001f6020001f6020001f6020001f602

  • Wow! I never thought kris aquino is this insane. WOW