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  • Published on Jan 9, 2019

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  • [ENG sub] [Full Ver] BTS Debut Stage Reaction | KPOP TV Show | M COUNTDOWN 190103 EP.600 tags


  • Soumili B
    Soumili B 2 months ago

    Mom : what took you so long

  • Mrs Kim Taehyung
    Mrs Kim Taehyung 1 month ago

    No one:

  • Alyssa Nicole Diaz
    Alyssa Nicole Diaz 1 month ago

    My eyes are tired because idk where to look, the concert, bts, or the subtitle?🤣🤣

  • 약속
    약속 1 month ago (edited)

    RM: That hairstyle is just..

  • Nyka Celestial
    Nyka Celestial 3 weeks ago

    talkin abt rm's old hairstyle

  • 蜜糖 angel
    蜜糖 angel 3 weeks ago

    Who laughed during the WHOLE thing but then at the end started CRYING?

  • 3. 10
    3. 10 1 month ago


  • Trish Felix
    Trish Felix 1 month ago

    Jimin : I thought I was the coolest person in the world...

  • welin cakra
    welin cakra 2 weeks ago

    No one:

  • Nilsa Rodriguez
    Nilsa Rodriguez 2 months ago

    6 minutes of Jimin regretting everything he did on stage back in the days

  • angelangelj
    angelangelj 4 weeks ago

    I was laughing too hard and all of a sudden I started to cry when Seokjinnie saying “people all joked about us but people say we are a legend now”.

  • Shrijana Magar
    Shrijana Magar 3 weeks ago (edited)

    I need jin confidence

  • Txt 17
    Txt 17 3 weeks ago

    Suga after seeing RM’s hair : There’s a reason we got so much hate .

  • Rayden PH
    Rayden PH 1 month ago

    BTS realizing wtf are they doing last 6 yrs especially Jimin and Namjoon's style😂

  • Dania Ramirez
    Dania Ramirez 1 month ago


  • Bby's Diary
    Bby's Diary 1 month ago

    shouldn’t this be renamed as

    SHAHVEER JAFRY 3 weeks ago


  • Em H.
    Em H. 3 weeks ago

    "BTS Debut Stage Reaction" more like 'BTS diss themselves for 6 mins and 55 secs'

  • Tabassum Meem
    Tabassum Meem 2 months ago

    J hope : you can see passion in our eyes..

  • Rodasi Chetia
    Rodasi Chetia 3 weeks ago

    Foetus BTS : * acts badass *