Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors Game 5 - Full Game Highlights | 2019 Finals | FreeDawkins MP3 VIDEO DOWNLOAD

  • Published on Jun 10, 2019

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  • Ibrahim Ahmed
    Ibrahim Ahmed 6 days ago

    This win was for KD 👍👍👍👍

  • noel olivar
    noel olivar 6 days ago

    the last minute the refs are helping but still ended up short, don't worry refs 2 more game to come

  • Julian Erikson
    Julian Erikson 6 days ago

    Game 6 Klay coming!

  • 고3
    고3 6 days ago

    Let s go warriors

  • IceGamer 101
    IceGamer 101 6 days ago

    Well Raptors.....

  • stewie griffin
    stewie griffin 6 days ago

    Raptors with the

  • I Came For The Cheeks Sandy

    That man Lowry really hit the backboard 😂😂

  • Heidi Bulayo
    Heidi Bulayo 6 days ago

    I feel sad for KD☹️hope he will recover very soon..

  • Amar悲しい
    Amar悲しい 6 days ago (edited)

    The fact that KD impacted the warriors play that much in the short time he was on the court says something. If KD was healthy, this series would be definitely different

  • AY Blackie
    AY Blackie 6 days ago

    Game 6 Klay is loading 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • mikatteba225
    mikatteba225 6 days ago

    Congratulation Warriors you earned the "one last dance in Oracle" achievement.

  • 提笔废江山
    提笔废江山 6 days ago

    Game 6 klay is preparing now

  • Chris Dodges
    Chris Dodges 6 days ago

    Raptors and Refs tried their best 😂

  • Chris Jordan
    Chris Jordan 6 days ago

    Warriors legit have a clutch gene that is just something special. The injures, the fatigue of having to play extra minutes due to the injuries, different lineups, and to close on a clutch 9-0 run after Leonard smelled blood and just took over!! man unbelievable!!

  • joe fontaine
    joe fontaine 6 days ago

    Raptors home court advantage, Warriors lose Kd, Raptors shot 13 more free throws than warriors, refs tried rigging it down the stretch for the raptors, and the raptors STILL lost.

  • Goat Herder
    Goat Herder 6 days ago

    Wow. The referees really did their best to help Toronto win.

  • planetzito
    planetzito 6 days ago

    Leonard can't guard KD, he's never been able to. KD would've dropped 30+ and game would not have been close. Injuries are unfortunate, hopefully KD's injury is not career threatening. KD deserves whole new respect, he gave up his body for the team. Scored 11 points to keep the Warriors alive.

  • thelegendsqb1
    thelegendsqb1 6 days ago

    Last Game @ Oracle Arena

  • Timothee Benitez
    Timothee Benitez 6 days ago

    Highlights made so quickly you're an animal bro

  • CandyCheese
    CandyCheese 6 days ago

    Ibaka lowkey trying to injure Cousins, he wasn't going for a rebound and sure as hell wasn't on time for a block