PBB Otso Hotel Visit: YamYam MP3 VIDEO DOWNLOAD

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019

  • Hi Dyogistas! Before the 2nd Batch of Adults enter as Star Dreamers, they undergo a "Hotel Arrest" wherein they undergo a lot of interviews, tests, and other requirements for PBB. These sets of videos will feature all of the batch 2 adults hours before they enter the Camp. The first one starts with YamYam! Hope you like it! Please Like, Subscribe and share!
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  • Samuel Demeterio
    Samuel Demeterio 2 months ago

    Haha di niya alam si kuya na kausap niya..haha like nyu kung totoo😂

  • Josh Mena Javia
    Josh Mena Javia 1 month ago

    Direk: Pano mo siya napa-in love?

  • Ofelia Garfield
    Ofelia Garfield 2 weeks ago (edited)

    Who's here after matalo is Yam2 against Mark? I just want to know the start of Yamyam's beginning as a star.

  • Ann Rey Rualess
    Ann Rey Rualess 1 month ago

    laban lang yamyam and fumiya,💪 kung wala kayo npaka lungkot siguro ng batch nyo, birada bisaya! ato ni bay.!

  • Grace Andaya Condicion

    I like Yamyam, he is innocence, being real, a dreamer.

  • Mayphil Forteza
    Mayphil Forteza 2 months ago

    1st batch : LIE

  • pangasinan gurl
    pangasinan gurl 3 weeks ago

    1.2M views 🤗🤗🤗 my big winner😍😍

  • Sonia Planilla
    Sonia Planilla 1 month ago

    big winner not because he is entertaining but he is reading a bible

  • Lyn Ayawan
    Lyn Ayawan 3 weeks ago

    May girlfriend pala si yamyam for 3 years.. God bless you amd your girlfriend she's so lucky to have yamyam

  • Winx Wingdavis
    Winx Wingdavis 3 weeks ago

    Pinaka simpleng tao SA pbb ngayon big winner to , innocente at totoong tao

  • Carry Scarlet
    Carry Scarlet 2 months ago

    Feeling ko heto pinaka bet ni big brother sa batch na ito 😍😍

  • MecMec Egloso
    MecMec Egloso 3 weeks ago

    Talagang inosente si YamYam sa maraming bagay.

  • heavens bright
    heavens bright 1 month ago

    Ignorant makes U win.. Honest big win gogogo yamyam

  • Pearlast Narraga
    Pearlast Narraga 3 weeks ago

    Feeling ku si direk dyogi talaga si big brother .. 😊😊😊 God is Good yamyam .. Congrats .. Dont worry fumiya babalik si yamyam ..

  • Joan Cabras
    Joan Cabras 2 weeks ago

    I'll go for YamYam to be the Ultimate Big Winner of PBB Otso Edition.

  • DeeJay Elle
    DeeJay Elle 2 months ago

    The Bible part made me more proud of Yamyam. Mabuting tao talaga to 💖

  • Nadia Leonardo
    Nadia Leonardo 2 weeks ago

    Thank you po..i was so sad the other night for the thought that he will leaving the house that soon..thank you for giving him the chance to stay..he really deserve it..

  • Jovelyn Luayon
    Jovelyn Luayon 1 month ago

    wowww yamyam 1.1m views ... ikaw ra ang daghan ug view... congratulations

  • Bulad Vs Lechon
    Bulad Vs Lechon 1 week ago

    Kuya ikaw bayan hahaha...Gooo Yam2

  • AnnaBanana
    AnnaBanana 1 month ago

    just saw this video, well deserve to be the grand winner.Nagpakatotoo