Newly-crowned Miss Universe Catriona Gray talks to 'GMA' MP3 VIDEO DOWNLOAD

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019

  • Fresh off her exciting win, the newly-crowned Miss Universe opens up about what fans can expect next. WATCH FULL EPISODES: Visit Good Morning America’s Homepage:
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  • Kaway kaway sa lahat ng mga Pinoy!

  • Love our Queen CATRIONA Gray! watching you from Sweden 0001f4950001f618

  • A Complete Package! - She can sing, write songs, sketch and paint, a black belt, a humanitarian, excellent public speaker, fashion genius, patriotic, lovable person and many to mention!! Indeed GORGEOUS inside and out! It is very rare to find a Miss Universe like that so while she reigns, let's follow and support her journey and mission.

  • Like what analysts said, some people are smart but not articulate and some are articulate but not that smart. But Catriona, she is both articulate and extremley smart. What a human being!

  • Uber eloquent. She can be a host too.

  • "well obviously you're perfect" the host just said it all

  • after her miss universe stint or job she can be a good host

  • Proof that PHILIPPINE’s answers in Pageantry ARE NOT REHEARSED, they’re spontaneous & prompt. You can check her other interviews to confirm on that.


  • My mom also dreamed that I would win miss universe.

  • I love that even in her NY interviews she mentions something Filipino now and then, like the SIOPAO and MT MAYON. She's raising the Filipino flag with so much joy and pride! MUO, you crowned the perfect girl! Congrats!! 0001f1f50001f1ed0001f451

  • When u waited so long for her first interview then u get a minute interview. Everyones still cant get over. Thank u, next?

  • You are an Icon Cat. Pwede bang i 5 years yung reigning mo as MU.

  • Wow. Nakakabitin namn!

  • That's the kind of spontaneity that gets booked in countless shows. Her bubbly personality is such a breath of fresh air... yet it doesn't distract her (nor the audience) from talking about her advocacies. Simply perfect!

  • She took Miss Universe to another Level!!

  • She speaks so eloquently! Amazing Miss universe!

  • what a pretty and brainy girl I'd ever known... love from the Philippines

  • Paulina the funniest,one of the most carismatic and the sexiest miss universe

  • Such an articulate and gorgeous lady! i love you Queen Cat ❤❤