UAAP 81 WV Finals Game 1: UST vs. ADMU | Game Highlights | May 11, 2019 MP3 VIDEO DOWNLOAD

  • Published on May 11, 2019

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  • Redz Rapio
    Redz Rapio 1 week ago

    Thou I love Ateneo. I must admit UST will dominate the game.

  • Christopher Cortes
    Christopher Cortes 1 week ago

    I appreciate the superb support role of Roldan in the service line and backrow defense.

  • vince 9
    vince 9 1 week ago

    nkakaiyak . after how many years UST is back in the FINALS 😣😣

  • Peter Paul Partugalan

    Alina bicar is the key of this game. We mention a lot of players comes from ust but Alina Bicar is the one who made this game easy to win, easy to spike her spikers and her digs also really dominant of this game. Looking forward Baby alina! 2nd game! 🐯😘

  • KathSisiCarlosEyaDindinMaizo Fan

    Natupad ang wish ko yeeyyyyy nanood lahat ng alumni ng ust hahaha

  • Calvin
    Calvin 1 week ago

    Kung sanang di ust nakatapat ng dlsu sa semi-finals, kasama sana sila sa Finals. Pero, what’s done is done. And if they are really good, then they will still win whoever opponent they will face. That’s why I believe UST it the real-deal here at Season 81. They peaked at the right time. They NEVER LOST a match since the semi-finals started, and that says a lot about their character and development as a team. Congratulations UST!

  • Yaren Parker
    Yaren Parker 1 week ago

    Mas gutom lang talaga ang Ust at tsaka kita mo naman the way Ust players move and play it looks like there's no tomorrow and you'll see the fire in their eyes 🔥🔥🔥Ust is on a ROAR 🐯🐯🐯hahahhahaha

  • bored af
    bored af 1 week ago

    Rondina,tapusin mona at kunin ang Championship!

  • Al A.
    Al A. 1 week ago

    That spike of SISI at

  • Neil Miral
    Neil Miral 1 week ago

    Roldan... simple lang may dalang swerte sa loob ng court...

  • Jomar Velasquez
    Jomar Velasquez 1 week ago

    Whahaha congrats uste! From FEU fan. Go uste,go uste...

  • Mihawk Hawkeye
    Mihawk Hawkeye 1 week ago

    Perfect serve and play, low set exactly and sharp spike.

  • Alreen Brix Timbal
    Alreen Brix Timbal 1 week ago

    Wow! What a historic victory for UST. They only need one win to get the championship. And I will pray for them.💛💛👏🏻

  • Dennis Abrot
    Dennis Abrot 1 week ago

    Napaka-exceptional lang talaga ng ginagawa ni Rondina. At kitang-kita talaga sa galaw ng tigresses kung gaano nila ka gustong makuha ang championship. Go USTe. Go USTe. Go USTe. Go! Go! Go!

  • Rox Test
    Rox Test 1 week ago

    Ang galing ng depensa, services dagdag mo pa ang lalakas at diskarte ng mga sets and attacks. No wonder 3 straight sets ang game 1. Parang UST ang nag heart strong kanina. Congrats USte! ❤️

  • Abegail Bohol
    Abegail Bohol 1 week ago

    this video is actually making me cry, 😢 I don't know why. Sisi is giving me goosebumps. so Proud of the UST girls. you can really feel their hunger and passion in getting that championship crown.

  • Juvy Palisoc
    Juvy Palisoc 1 week ago

    Wala di napagod si Rondina eh, 3 sets lang😁🤗

  • Growling Tigresses
    Growling Tigresses 1 week ago

    Best Crowd Award Goes To USTe! Iba ang GoUSTe! Chant. Rondina For National Team!

  • trevor perey
    trevor perey 1 week ago

    Ito sana yung outcome ng laro nila noong round2 kaso naging kumpyansa sa laro ang UST that time kaya nakuha ng ADMU ang panalo pero now di mo nakikitaan ng anu mang laglag ang laro ng UST.. Congratulations..

  • Kristelle Llonoso
    Kristelle Llonoso 1 week ago

    AGGRESSIVE SERVING and DEFENSE wins games and in this case UST did just that. "The best defense is a good offense". Ateneo has great blockers and front row attackers, and probably the best in the league, but what is missing for them is serve receive and and defense. Having strong attackers means nothing if your team cannot pass the ball. People sometimes overlook the importance of passing fundamentals and basics. Everything in volleyball starts with a good pass, EVERYTHING... Without a good pass, you can't get a good set, therefore cannot get a good kill. All UST girls has great digs and good passes but who stood out to me the most was UST's libero, she has good form when passing and is a hustler on the court. This young UST team has high potential and is a great contender for winning the finals.