LeBron James Destroys Wesley Matthews For Trash-Talking:You Don't Want That! MP3 VIDEO DOWNLOAD

  • Published on Dec 4, 2018

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  • LeBron James Destroys Wesley Matthews For Trash-Talking:You Don't Want That! tags


  • Edwin Cinco
    Edwin Cinco 5 months ago

    just being competitive between 2 players being physical

  • Jacques Webster
    Jacques Webster 5 months ago

    Idc if Wesley matthews got sonned, that confidence is what all ball players need

  • legend 27
    legend 27 5 months ago

    Lbj going at work as usual

  • Key Toka
    Key Toka 5 months ago

    I give him some props though. Not many D’up lebron like that.

  • Cam Roy
    Cam Roy 5 months ago

    LEBRON “I want all that, I want all that”

  • Johnny Jones
    Johnny Jones 5 months ago

    Lebron told em at the end... it ain’t never personal, it’s just business (Wesley Snipes voice) 😂😎

  • DBZ Guru
    DBZ Guru 5 months ago

    That hand shake after. True sportsmanship from both

  • Rosh breazy
    Rosh breazy 5 months ago

    TBH I love when they talk like this but not that bad trashy talk. That one of the things why we love basketball competitive. 💪🏽

  • ES Hands McGee
    ES Hands McGee 5 months ago

    At least Wesley wasnt scared to touch Bron like some people....

  • Jamon Dawson
    Jamon Dawson 5 months ago

    The end of the video say it all. Kings smiling and ol boy got his head down!

  • No veneer SO In the building!

    These my uncles going at it at the family reunion... 😂😂🤣

  • Johnjohn Braxton
    Johnjohn Braxton 5 months ago

    People dont realize how strong and quick bron is ..to handle the rock like dat on someone smaller and STILL be quicker than them!! Dats cray

  • 13th p
    13th p 5 months ago

    The old man LBJ still doing work on them young boys

  • Junior Gangster
    Junior Gangster 5 months ago

    Wesley Matthews on Lakers soon...Stars like players who don't back down... that's why LeBron wanted Lance Stephenson, Rondo, Javale, ect..

  • arvin nazari
    arvin nazari 1 month ago

    Jesus is King and Lord and savior, happy Easter fam may all celebrate for right reasons 💘🤣🤣💥❣️🙏

  • ColdCase File32
    ColdCase File32 5 months ago

    When you trying to make a name for yourself you gotta try to play a legend. Machine Gun Wesley

  • Jyson Sabran
    Jyson Sabran 5 months ago

    king always a king trust the process

  • Lyriq Wise
    Lyriq Wise 5 months ago

    No communication for a switch. I see a bad screen caller not someone being destroyed.

  • Wayne Eatman
    Wayne Eatman 5 months ago

    Lebron puts the hard hat on..goes to his tool box..goes to work. Smile at em when ya finish King

  • Mo Life
    Mo Life 5 months ago

    When lonzo learn this the Lakers gone be international